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Lifetime Comfort Guarantee

Lifetime Comfort Guarantee© on Nest Bedding Mattresses: 

Mattresses: Please contact customerservice@nestbedding.com to exercise your industry first Lifetime Comfort Guarantee.

Our Industry First Lifetime Comfort Guarantee© affords the original purchaser of any Nest Bedding® mattress the peace of mind of knowing Nest Bedding® cares about your comfort for the lifetime of your mattress. Here is how it works:

1. During the first 100 nights of ownership from date of delivery, you (the original purchaser) may initiate an exchange or return of your mattress for any comfort issue, for a 100% money back guarantee, or exchange to any other bed in our lineup. Please remember that it can take a few weeks to adjust to any new mattress so we kindly ask that you give the bed a full 30 nights trial before contacting us about exchanging or returning.

2. After the 100 night's trial, for the remaining lifetime of the mattress, if your needs change and you find you need a firmer or softer mattress, or you need to change to a small or larger size than your original purchase, you may do so at 30% of the current retail price. 

* The BKB Kids bed is excluded but still carries a 100-night comfort guarantee.


I. The lifetime comfort guarantee applies only to mattresses purchased after August 31, 2017. Beds purchased before this time still enjoy our 100 nights comfort guarantee.

II. All requests must be made via email to customerservice@nestbedding.com

III. Mattress must be free of damage or stains in order to be approved for return. Mattress must be free of bed bugs, mold or any other condition less than new.

IV. After you have tried the bed for 30 days and during the 100 days trial period, you can exchange for a different feel or mattress in our line up, or initiate a refund after donating the mattress to a local charity. We can work with you to find one. If there is no donation center in your area, we would ask that you find a friend or family member in need of a new bed. Lastly, if there is no option for donation, we will help you find the best disposal option.

V. Returns initiated between 30 and 100 days will receive a full refund of their purchase, minus any shipping paid. 

VI. Customer will pay the full cost to ship any exchanges unless the item qualifies for a warranty exchange.

VII. Refund will be issued upon receipt of donation or pickup and returned to the original payment method used. While refunds are issued the same business day, it can take up to a week for credit card processors to post your refund.

VIII. Stains on the mattress will void the return privilege.

IX. Returns are for comfort issues only during the initial 100 nights trial period. 

X. All materials have scents, even natural materials, and all our mattresses have been certified. All scents are naturally occurring and will dissipate. Our mattresses are made with certified materials and cannot be returned for allergy claims.

XI. All Mattresses must be opened within 30 days of delivery or return privilege is void.

XII. During the initial 100 night's trial period, upgrading to a different size is not covered by our comfort guarantee.

XIII. International sales (outside the US and Canada) do not qualify for our exchange program. These sales are final. 

XIV. Once a return/exchange is authorized by Nest Bedding®, you have 30 days to complete the return/exchange. 

XV. If your exchange bed doesn't work out, contact us and we can discuss other options to keep you sleeping well. Once the Lifetime Comfort Guarantee is redeemed, the guarantee is exhausted.

XVI. Mattress must be free of damage or stains and used on a non-flexing box foundation or slat surface (maximum 4" gap) in order to be approved for return. Mattress must be free of bed bugs, mold or any other condition less than new.


Returns on Bedding: 100 days no-risk trial.

Bedding, such as sheets, blankets, duvet covers, pillows. For return authorization, please contact us at customerservice@nestbedding.com

100 days on all Bedding Items, Satisfaction Guaranteed. Don't like it, email us and we will provide you with a return authorization. The full price of the item will be refunded, minus the shipping cost.

(Coming Soon) Returns on Furniture, Adjustable Bases, Foundations, Frames: 

Foundations are returnable for the same 100 days trial period. Must be undamaged and unstained or voids the return privilege.

Adjustable bases are not comfort products and carry a full warranty privilege but are not eligible for comfort returns.

Furniture is not returnable.

"You did your homework, you did a lot of research. You came to the conclusion that Nest Bedding has the best beds. But the one you picked didn't solve your problem. Unlike many of my competitors online, we don't make one bed and tell you it's perfect. Instead, we have a good, better, best lineup, and the bed you chose has a firm and or soft and medium option. It may be that you just need a softer or firmer version of the bed you purchased, or we do have some generous upgrade offers. Give us a call or email me directly at Sales@NestBedding.com. Use our years of expertise to your advantage. Let us help you stay in the Nest!"


Details of the Lifetime Comfort Guarantee

Once you've purchased your first Nest Bedding mattress, you are eligible to receive our industry leading Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. This guarantee allows qualified customers to purchase a Nest Bedding mattress years down the road at thirty percent off. This program is in place simply because we want our valued customers to continue to achieve the great night sleep that they've been getting with their Nest Bedding mattress. Please review the Qualifying Terms.


Qualifying Terms

I. Our Lifetime Comfort Guarantee applies only to Nest Bedding mattresses purchased after August 31, 2017. Beds purchased before this time still enjoy our 100 night sleep trial.

II. All requests must be made via email to customerservice@nestbedding.com or your store of purchase.

III. Lifetime Comfort Guarantee can only be used if the original purchaser has not previously exchanged in their original 100 night trial or returned their purchase.

IV. Once the Lifetime Comfort Guarantee is redeemed, the guarantee is exhausted.

V. All Lifetime Comfort Guarantee sales are final.

VI. International sales do not qualify for the Lifetime Comfort Guarantee.


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