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The 3 Most Important Things You Should Know Right Now Before Buying That Online Mattress

With well over 100 mattresses available online, it has become a bit daunting to navigate the online offerings and find the mattress that is right for you. With review sites, celebrity recommendations and fantastical claims, how is the average consumer supposed to find the right bed for them? Here are 3 things you should consider when choosing an online mattress.

  1. Are The Reviews For Real? There are more mattress review sites than there are new online mattresses. What the average consumer doesn't know is many of these sites are offering the top spots on their sites for the companies who pay them the most. The issue with this is the consumer doesn't get a clear picture of what is a good mattress or not and is really just seeing the beds at the top that make the reviewer the most money. We recommend consumers also double check the beds they are interested in with review sites which do not take commissions. These sites, such as GoodBed.com, SleepLikeTheDead.com or TheMattressUnderground.com do not rank based on pay.
  2. Are They Factory Direct? What the average consumer does not know is the mattress they are considering is being made right alongside 10 other beds they are considering from other brands. The issue is the brand you are buying from is likely a middleman. They don't actually make the bed, which means the factory they are buying from charges them to make it, they in turn add their profit and charge you. Factory direct means you are cutting out this extra layer of expense and getting more for your money.
  3. Is Your New Bed Made in America? The issue with beds made overseas is the American economy suffers. If the bed you are considering does not clearly state it is made in the USA, it probably isn't. 

Do your research and find good, American made products from good companies with real reviews. There are a lot of good companies making competitive products here in the USA and years worth of reviews will be evident.


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