Meet Our Nest Bedding Factory

Would you like to see where your Nest Bedding mattress is made? Unlike most mattress companies you find online, you can actually shop our factory direct store at our factory in Phoenix. Most online mattress brands do not have the ability to let you see your bed being made because their beds are either made in China or made alongside many other brands you see online at a third party manufacturer. 

How did a small family owned brand become a huge family owned brand with their own factory? 

nest bedding factory

The ownership team at R&S mattress in Phoenix, the great minds behind the Brooklyn Bedding brand and stores in the Arizona area, approached Nest Bedding last year and offered to purchase part of Nest Bedding. In return, we would join forces with them at their factory, giving us better control of our manufacturing process and making us partners. This allows us to manufacture directly for our customers and not have to contract our mattresses out to third party manufacturers. As you can see in the photo attached, the Nest Bedding logo proudly sits atop the factory in Phoenix, and you can visit our store there. In fact, ask for a tour and you can watch your mattress go through the very extensive process of being made by our mattress making experts.