Meet The Sleep Doctor

Joe Alexander, aka "The Sleep Doctor", is the owner of the Nest Bedding website and chain of stores with the same name. Joe has a tremendous amount of experience in the mattress business and has helped celebrities, such as the Governor of California, sports stars such as Matt Cain and Roger Craig, and a myriad of regular folks, just like you.

It was because of Joe's success and expertise that the Nest Bedding brand has grown into a major force in the mattress business. We got a chance to sit down today and speak with him.

Blog: Joe, why did you start the Sleep Doctor Blog?

Joe: The first reason was to share my extensive knowledge of the mattress and bedding business and my experience with customers. I hear so many questions and instead of just answering them in person, I decided this blog was the perfect place to share my insights and experience.

Blog: What is the funniest/craziest questions you have ever been asked about mattresses?

Joe: Funny you should ask, I was just telling this story the other day. I was working for a mattress store in Hawaii when a customer came in and asked for the cheapest queen mattress. I took him to the back of the store and showed him the lowest priced mattress we had, which we were displaying in a twin size. He looked at it and looked at me and stated he asked for a queen. I told him this is the cheapest mattress, but we are showing it in a twin. He then asked me if we put extenders on both sides to create a queen. Still haven't fully wrapped my head around the logic there.

Blog: Why don't you carry the name brand mattresses such as Tempurpedic, Sealy, Serta and Simmons?

Joe: Great question, and one that I am passionate about. I sold these brands at the stores I have worked for. And I have to tell you, I would not feel confident selling them in my own store. I know too much. For example, I know that the profit margins are really, really high. And for the price, you would think you are getting a great mattress, when in fact, most of the time I would get complaint calls and quality issues not long after. I then learned that these big companies build their beds to be replaced every 5 to 7 years. The beds I carry, The Bed In A brand and my own design of organic, non-toxic latex natural mattresses are a much better value. And I can control the quality!

Blog: What are your future plans for the Nest Bedding stores?

Joe: Based on our success, I plan to put stores up and down the west coast and perhaps franchise across the country. I am finding a great need for quality, honesty and integrity in this industry. If you give consumers a great quality bed at a great price, your business will stand out.