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Why Is My Mattress Squeaking?

Unless you have a family of chipmunks taking up residence in your mattress, there should be no squeaking coming from your mattress. However, if your mattress is squeaking every time you get into or our of bed, or simply from you moving around and you can't figure out where, here is the 411.

Some mattresses are created with what is called a Bonnell Coil system. This is the old school way of making a mattress, where all of the coils are inter-connected by wire. This creates thousands of connections where metal rubs against metal, potentially becoming a squeak source. This is not a problem with any of the mattresses you would purchase from Nest Bedding, as we carry only pocketed coil natural mattresses that do not have any metal on metal connections, or all foam memory foam mattresses with no metal at all.

The squeaking can also be coming from the box spring or slat system below the mattress. Any time you have wood on wood connections it could become a source of squeaking. This can be solved by isolating the squeak and putting in a wood screw to prevent the movement between the pieces of wood. If the squeak is coming from your box spring, it is most likely it is time for a new box spring unit. Older units tend to develop squeaks over a long period of time.

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