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Bed In A Box.com Mattresses Verified Hypo-Allergenic


One of the many reasons I chose to partner Nest Bedding is because they back up their claims with real, verifiable, third-party testing. As a mattress store with a tag line of Organic, Natural and Non-Toxic, it is imperative that I do my homework, as customers place a lot of trust and care in my hands when making their mattress and bedding choices.

A claim which Bed In A Box.com makes is that their mattresses are hypo-allergenic. That means their foams and materials will not cause or exacerbate allergies. In order to verify and document these claim, Bed In A Box.com took their mattresses to the Hohenstein Institute. Here is a news release from Hohenstein Institute...

Hohenstein Institute
September, 2009

Case Study: BedInABox.com

When BedInABox.com, a leading manufacturer and e-tailer of premium memory foam mattresses, decided to position their new non-toxic memory foam as the healthiest and safest in the world, they came to Hohenstein Institute.

Bill Bradley, CEO of BedInABox.com believes the new “Clean Foam” movement is the most important next step for ensuring the continued growth and vitality of the memory foam mattress market. Hohenstein designed the test plan that would provide BedInABox.com with the most compelling data to support their product claims plus provide the certifications that would be influential with consumers.

All testing was conducted under one roof on Hohenstein’s campus in Bönnigheim, Germany and managed through Hohenstein’s USA office in Elon, NC. Through Hohenstein’s proprietary testing capabilities, BedInABox.com foams were analyzed for interaction with living skin cells.

The first phase of testing confirmed that contact with the foams did not cause any damage to the skin cells (cytotoxicity) which could result in skin irritation. The second phase determined that the foams did not elicit a stressful response from the skin cells which would indicate the potential for allergic reaction. By meeting both cellular response criteria, BedInABox.com memory foams were awarded Hohenstein’s “Skin Friendly and Hypoallergenic” certification-the first in history.

Now BedInABox.com has independent, third-party verification to back up their claims that their memory foams are non-toxic and hypoallergenic and safe for the entire family. Their consumers can rest easy in more ways than one.


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