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More Information On Dust Mites and How To Avoid Them

Here are some smart and easy tips for ridding your bedroom of Dust Mites:

1) Wash sheets, blankets, pillowcases, mattress pads and comforters every 10-14 days in hot (140o F) water. This kills the microscopic dust mites and washes out allergenic dust mite waste, the real offender. Be sure to check all care tags to ensure proper care as some item

2) If possible, avoid thick or wall-to-wall carpeting where dust mites can burrow or treat your carpet with non-toxic dust mite eradication products.

3) Avoid upholstered sofas and chairs; especially in the bedroom - use leather or wood furniture when possible.

4) Run a True HEPA Room Air Cleaner to remove airborne allergens like pollen, mold spore, dust mite waste, and animal dander.

5) Lower bedroom humidity to below 50% with a dehumidifier to help prevent dust mites from breeding.

6) Remember, Dust Mites are an insect. Insect are not subject to marketing. Dust Mites will live wherever there is food and water, and in our case that means they are living in your wool, cotton and latex, regardless of what the manufacturer says, if they have food and water: your dead skin cells and your sweat. Keep your bedding aired out and dry, washed once a week and keep a protector on it. 


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