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Proper Care and Instructions for your Mattress and Pillows

(This is a post from our Friends at American Down and Feather. They hand make many of our pillows and comforters out of their family owned factory in Colorado. Nest Bedding is proud to share their advice with our readers)

Your bed is meant to be the most comfortable place in your whole house. Whether you prefer a firm bed or one that is softer, it is your own bed and fits your comfort needs. Here are some tips for proper care and instructions for your mattress and pillows.

Mattress Care

Your mattress deals with a lot of repeated pressure due to the way you sleep and sit on the mattress. If you find yourself repeatedly sitting in the same spot when you wake up, put on your shoes and clothes you are going to wear away the edges that you sit on. This is just like you sleeping in the same spot every night; you will find yourself with body impressions.

Depending on how old your mattress is, you may need to flip and rotate the mattress. Newer mattresses should be rotated roughly every 3 months, with your box spring rotated every 6 months. Older mattresses should be flipped when it is rotated, but never flip the box spring.

Pillow Care

When you get a new pillow you want it to last as long as possible. Use quality pillow protectors and pillowcases to protect the pillow from dust and dirt. Check the tag on the pillow to see what the proper care instructions are.

You can typically wash a pillow in a washing machine, setting the washer on gentle and extra rinse. You want to be sure to get all soap and bubbles out of the pillow, so sometimes it is necessary to go through the final rinse cycle a few times. Use spin dry on the washer to get as much moisture out as possible, then put it in the dryer. To be sure it is completely dry, hang the pillow for a day or two before returning it to your bed.

By following these proper care and instructions for your mattress and pillows you are going to extend the life of your products while keeping them in great condition.

American Down and Feather is pleased to bring you this article on Proper Care and Instructions for your Mattress and Pillows. American Down and Feather specializes in down and feather soft products and is located in Denver, Colorado. Visit their website for more details at www.americandownandfeather.com


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